The Keyhole Sessions celebrate the union between sex and art. We believe that taboos should be broken, sexuality should be celebrated and kink should be championed.

Sonya JF Barnett — speaker, writer, certified sex educator and all-around sex-positivity advocate — founded TKS in 2009. Hosted by Barnett {aka The Madame} and rigged by JP Robichaud {aka The Control Enthusiast}, TKS is not for the prudish or faint of heart: our models come with attitude and our artists without inhibition.


​We have been creating debaucherous dirty work as an expression of open and healthy behaviour, drawing & photographing our models trussed up in various forms of fetish gear, costume and rope restraints.


We’ve been hosting erotic art events since our doors opened, and have made a nice little impact on our fair city in terms of creating a community of open-minded, wickedly creative people. Over 100 drawing & photography events, as well as rogue Nuit Blanche extravaganzas and packed-to-the-hilt gallery exhibitions, we truly love what we do and we love bringing it to the masses.

Our current modus operandi is directing & producing what is hailed as ‘fair-trade’, ‘ethical’, or ‘feminist’pornography. We want to create content that is genuinely free from oppression, misogyny, discrimination and full of true pleasure, lust and all around goodness.

So take a peek through the Keyhole. We know you’ll like what you see.

Need to chat comfortably and intimately about sex?


Without taking the sometimes intimidating  leap to talk to a therapist, or going to workshops, sometimes we just want to have a casual, yet educational chat about sex, with someone knowledgable and trustworthy.


Feeling most at home when talking about sexuality and sexual health, The Madame, {also sometimes known as Sonya} offers the chance to have an intimate conversation about anything in the broad range of sex.


From teaching about sexual health, STIs, contraception methods, sexual relationships, how to dip a toe into new types of play, orientation, how to talk to our kids about sex, and anything in between, Sonya is more than delighted to share her knowledge & experience.


minimum an hour in length, and usually over tea, Sonya is available for a non-judgemental, intimate, and private chat.At


Email Sonya directly for details on rates and booking availability.

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