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The Keyhole Sessions are making waves in the world of erotic filmmaking.


We want to bring art back to porn, making films that both titillate & inspire. We aim to create films that champion women and prove that women’s sexuality is owned by them, not gifted to them. We want to show that adult cinema’s boundaries can be pushed not with how much a woman’s body can endure, but how much pleasure she can feel and share. Sex isn’t just about the happy ending, it’s about the whole journey.

While the performances, direction and production of the TKS Peepshows are primarily by women, we are expanding to shoot anyone and everyone, and hope that people of all gender expressions will enjoy them.

We will be experimenting with process and content, and we hope you're intrigued to come on the ride with us.




Urban Peepshows debut, 2012
Drips Clicks Squirts, shot on iPhone 3GS


Official Urban Peepshow 1:

Because I Want You To Watch, shot on iPhone 5


Official Urban Peepshow 2:

No Artificial Sweeteners, shot on iPhone 5


Official Urban Peepshow 3:

Pachisi, shot on iPhone 5


Model & Performer call!

We’re always looking for photo models & porn performers. We're currently focusing on women of colour for both photo & video; & POC, gay & trans performers for video. Apply here!

In order for indie producers like us to continue to make quality erotica,

we ask that you

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