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We're answering your call.


When we opened our doors in 2009, we wanted to offer a place for people to come draw things they wouldn't be able to draw anywhere else, and to do so in a sex-friendly, non-judgemental space. What we didn't expect was the community that built around TKS, and the hundreds of friendships we would create along the way.


From the humble beginnings of a single model in a small dance studio on Ossington, we grew into a drawing spectacle with at least 3 models per evening, a custom playlist every time to match the mood, stage dressings, and themes that would make most people blush. Though many others have tried to imitate us over the years, we were never duplicated.


We took a hiatus, but it wasn't a quiet one. The community over the past 2 years has been calling on us to return in some capacity, and we have, indeed, missed seeing the models and artists on a regular basis.




SEPTEMBER 8th, 2015. TKS PopUp: Phoenix Rising

We've been listening to you and your requests, and now we're ready to rise again. We're hosting a September session at the lovely ARTSCAPE YOUNGPLACE.


Tickets for this 3 hour session of debaucherous drawing are $25.


We're excited to have returning models, as well as some new faces. Phoenix Rising will see the return of Miss S and Carly Black, as well as a TKS newbie, Maliah Rayne. And the fabulous Control Enthusiast returns with his rope to truss them all up. Stay tuned for some promo images to whet your appetites.


If all goes well on September 8th, we'd be happy to become your regular, monthly FriendWithBenefits again. So let's make that happen, shall we? We promise to use protection…

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