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A sample of previous TKS work from our Sessions


From left:

Stephanie Ramon

Mara Sternberg

Minerva Mopsy

UPDATE! Looks like we'll be hosting a Session September 8th!
Stay tuned. Please feel free to contact us if you've got some ideas.


We're thinking of reinstating our regular monthly erotic drawing sessions.


When we opened our doors in 2009, we wanted to offer a place for people to come draw things they wouldn't be able to draw anywhere else, and to do so in a sex-friendly, non-judgemental space. What we didn't expect was the community that built around TKS, and the hundreds of friendships we would create along the way.


From the humble beginnings of a single model in a small dance studio on Ossington, we grew into a drawing spectacle with at least 3 models per evening, a custom playlist every time to match the mood, stage dressings, and themes that would make most people blush.We loved these Sessions dearly, and were mainly a passion project, often resulting in costs paid out instead of in. Sadly, we had to halt the regular Sessions due to mounting costs. Though many others have tried to imitate us over the years, we were never duplicated, though greatly missed. And for that we're extremely proud. 


The community over the past 2 years have been calling on us to return in some capacity, and we have, indeed, missed seeing the models and artists on a regular basis. With that, we're asking if you would like to return to TKS with your pencils/charcoal/copics & paper to draw some of the steamiest subjects you'll ever have the good fortune to see.



What we're doing now is putting out feelers to see if regular monthly Sessions will be viable to sustain. We would charge somewhere around $25. This would grant you entry into a lovely spot near or around Queen West to draw up to 3 TKS models for 3 hours. We'll likely also offer bulk discounts for a round of Sessions, and we may instate a pay-up-front policy to ensure we get a minimum number of artists each Session.


Though a new iteration would mean some getting used to, what will remain the same is our dedication to creating a great environment for artists to feel welcome; the same attention to detail in music and themes, and of course, amazing models for your drawing pleasure. We will be welcoming new and returning models. We are also happy to host novice and pro artists {psst, TKS photographers: you, too, can pick up a pencil!}, as per our usual. 



If we get enough of a response from our community that yes, you would like to see us return in this format, we'll give it a go. But we need your dedication to be part of our amazing group in order to make it all worth it for everyone. If we move forward, we'd likely commence in the summer, hopefully again on Tuesday evenings.


So please, drop us a note to express interest, and offer any suggestions as to what you'd like to see at these Sessions – what would bring you to us, what would prevent you. Got friends who would be interested? Get them to drop us a line, too {send 'em to this site}.


All your input is greatly appreciated.

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